Our 1st informational seminar for flood survivors was held on 2-19-17 at Eden Park Library and it was a huge success.  We had several agencies on hand to provide information and answer questions. We look forward to hosting another event in the near future.  We appreciate all of the participants that attended the event.

On October 12th, we hosted our 1st Contractors Expo. The following week, we welcomed three contractors into the VITAL contractor network. 

​​​Vital Resource Solutions

Contractor Expo

On 10/26/17 Monique Robinson, VITAL Resource Solutions CEO, & Monica Dunn, Board Member traveled to Texas to drop-off and organize supplies donated for Hurricane Harvey survivors. 

​We partnered with Greater Saint Matthews Baptist Church in Hitchcock, TX and an overflow of goods was collected.

​​​Hurricane Harvey Road-To-Relief

Informational Seminar for Flood Survivors